More New Original Mesh and More Event News!

January 28, 2014 at 6:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey there!

I have been continuing my education on creating new original mesh for the shop and let me tell you, it has been so exciting!!! The satisfaction is almost instant when I upload one of my creations and slap a texture on that puppy! I get plum giddy I tell you! This week I have two exciting things happening.

Today I released in my store a set of cute chunky cuffs for your arms. I LOVE chunky jewelry – in fact I LOVE accessories, and this new release is something I just LOVE!!!

Chunky Cuffs come with a HUD to give you options for metal (gold or silver) and gem stone (turq, black, pink, brown, and blue). So this will allow you to create a unique look and really make the set yours! HUDs are very popular for this reason and they are just another reason why I LOVE making these accessories for the store. 🙂

Today I am offering the Chunky Cuffs in the full HUD set, but also I am selling them individually for 25L. These versions still come with a HUD to allow you to change the metal too! If you would like to purchase some gifts, just click the sign and choose the gift option and follow the instructions.

Click here to visit now!



NOW for Event News

On Saturday, February 1, 2014, the Fantasy Gacha Carnival will be opening and Sweet Poison is participating with more original Mesh!!!
This new set is so exciting!! The Daphnaie set will be available in two Gacha machines with chances to win the Ultra Rare versions of the Daphnaie Epaulette and Ear Cuffs!!!
Each Ultra Rare set will allow you numerous options for customizing these pieces. With four leathers and four metals to choose from, you can make the Daphnaie set your own! Good luck!
FGC Opens on the 1st!

DaphnaieEpaulettesAdGacha DaphnaieEarCuffsAdGacha


xoxo bella



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