Newness!!! Today and Tomorrow :)

February 5, 2014 at 5:19 am (Uncategorized)

Well hello there! This note comes to you a little late today and that is because I have been a busy busy bee these last two days!!!
I am about to fall over but before I go to bed, I wanted to get this news out to you guys!

First of all today was 25L Tuesday!!! And I have a new original mesh release for you! I made a little bauble for your wrists this time called the Banded Bracelet. You can pick up your favorite metal for 25L/each or grab the full HUD set for only 75L! These bracelets resemble hammered metal and with the HUD version you can mix and match the bands and bracelet to get a really pretty artisan effect.


Stop by today or tomorrow to pick it up for 25L!

_____________________***Fantasy Room***_______________________________

The Fantasy Room opens tomorrow! This brand new event is full of vendors who are offering brand new Fantasy merchandise for either 50L or 70L. Sweet Poison is there!!!

I finished this feisty fighter today! Her name is Sasha and she is seriously sexy in her armor tunic and bracers!

I am selling the tunic and bracers with a HUD to allow for color options. The bracers are my very own mesh !
Enjoy this tunic as a scantly-clad girl or for a more proper look add some pants! 😉

Visit the Fantasy Room


SashaBracersAD SashaTunicAD


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