Fur and Gemstones!

February 19, 2014 at 8:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow this first half of the week has been super busy! I have been creating new Mesh accessories for the 25L Tuesday sale and for The Fantasy Collective.

First for 25LT I have these fabulous Fur Pauldrons:
5 fur options available for 25L and the full HUD version is ready for you to take home for only 100L!
This original mesh accessory set comes complete with Left and Right side pauldrons. If you would like to have all of the furs and the option to mix and match be sure to grab the HUD version.

FurPauldronsAdHUD FurPauldronsAdV1 FurPauldronsAdV2 FurPauldronsAdV3 FurPauldronsAdV4 FurPauldronsAdV5


And I am proud to announce that Sweet Poison will be in the round of The Fantasy Collective!!! We were given an Arabian Night theme, so I created a beautiful hair dangle to help fancy up the do.
The Hud allows for lots of mix n match options and is copy/modify.
It will be on sale tomorrow when TFC opens and is an exclusive for the event.



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